IRIS Adlershof

29.07.2022 17:17
Today wraps the weeklong workshop on materials modeling using exascale computers and AI, put on by @UChicagoPME, @MICCoM_Center, and @IRISAdlershof

Students got hands-on experience with first principle simulations and advanced sampling software.
#supercomputers #materials #AI

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02.08.2022 11:27


Einstein Junior Fellowship für Dr. Sven Ramelow: Stiftung @Einstein_Berlin fördert die Forschung des Wissenschaftlers von @HumboldtUni und @IRISAdlershof auf dem Gebiet der #Quantenoptik und #Quantensensorik für drei Jahre:

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28.07.2022 10:43


Social events at the end of the third day of our 2022 joint NOMAD-ECAM-IRIS-Pritzker Workshop and Hands-on Tutorial School! In particular, a trip to a dismissed former cold-war-era radar station in Berlin, and then the social dinner concluding the day!

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12.07.2022 21:27


We caught our #Berlin @IRISAdlershof microscope chambers #4 & #5 going for a stroll—and now relaxing (@ 4.7 K!) in our new ☀️😎 labs! (+They'd also like to apologize for keeping the boss away from lullaby time & most email replies in the last 10 days)

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20.06.2022 18:52

Voss Group

Excited to virtually host Profs. Claudia Draxl (@HumboldtUni, @IRISAdlershof, @fhi_mpg_de) and Manos Mavrikakis (@UWMadCBE) this Thursday (6/23) at 8AM PDT! Registration:
Topics: theoretical #XRay spectroscopy, bimetallic #catalysts, and #DataScience.

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14.06.2022 06:30
In this photo you can find undergrads, graduate students, PhD candidates, post-docs, group leaders, and professors. Who is who? Answer: it doesn't matter! We are all #womeninscience

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02.06.2022 09:31
Alle Veranstaltungen der #HumboldtUni bei der #LNDW2022 auf einen Blick:

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21.05.2022 07:01


Size Effects of the Anions in the Ionothermal Synthesis of Carbon Nitride Materials (Bojdys et al.) @mjbojdys @bojdyslab @IRISAdlershof @HumboldtChem @kclchemistry #OpenAccess

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18.05.2022 11:59


#AdMaLab – The Berlin Materials and Hardware Lab – was opened in #Adlershof. @INAMBerlin and @HumboldtUni welcomed numerous guests at @IRISAdlershof. The #incubator programme for #materialsscience #startups encourages interdisciplinary cooperation:

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06.05.2022 11:07

Michael J. Bojdys

@NatSci_journal @bojdysLAB @HumboldtUni Thanks to my team @bojdysLAB and to @NatSci_journal for giving this research a home.
The underlying technology is patented @HumboldtUni and will be commercialised with the help of @INAMBerlin #AdMaLab incubator project #ElecMATs #ERCfunded @ERC_Research

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11.05.2022 06:51
Check it out! Interfacial Electric Fields Acting on Molecules at Solid Interfaces now out in @JPhysChem. Nice collaboration among @HumboldtUni, @IRISAdlershof & @UniOldenburg

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08.05.2022 20:35

Oliver Dumele

Switching magnets with light: 💡🧲💡🧲💡🧲
Our paper on Photochemical Magnetic Switching is now out in @J_A_C_S.

Great work by Konstantin (@Guenther_Chem), Niklas (@grabizki), and the entire team @HumboldtChem @IRISAdlershof @berlinscience.

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27.04.2022 15:11


🎉We’re delighted to announce the publication of the FAIRmat paper “FAIR data enabling new horizons for materials research” today in @Nature!
🔖Read it here:

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