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Creating a HU-Account for students

On this site you may create your personal HU-Account
(for HU-Berlin and Charité students only)

  1. What can I do with a HU-Account?
    You will get:

  2. How long will my account be valid?
    An account is valid for each current semester. Your account will be automatically prolonged each semester at the HU with each semester's confirmation of your enrolment.

  3. Do I have to change my password?
    The password has to be changed annually.
    Your account will be locked when either the order wasn't renewed or the password wasn't changed in time. To unlock your account, please visit the following website:
    Accounts locked a year or longer will be deleted.

  4. Instructions
    You may get these bulletin paper either from the User Advisory Centre (»Benutzerberatung«).
    Please take the bulletin along, you will find helpful and important information in it regarding the use of your account. For further advice you may contact the User Advisory Centre (»Benutzerberatung«).

  5. terms of use for Computer and Media Service and University Library paper (in German)
    The usage of your HU-Account by other people is strictly prohibited. The client is liable for any abuse of his/her HU-Account.

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